Ideas For Pulling Away From The Wedding Chapel In Style

2 September 2017
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There is a lot to figure out when it comes to planning a wedding. One thing that you will want to focus on is that of the vehicle that will whisk you and your new spouse away after you have finished saying your vows. You want it to be practical, but you might also want for it to be unique. To help you figure out the perfect way to depart from the wedding chapel, you will want to review the following suggestions.

Rent A Horse Drawn Carriage

Whether you are getting married in the middle of a large city or out in the country, if taking off in a horse drawn carriage is something you have always dreamed about, you can make it happen. There are wedding carriage rental companies that will not only supply the horses and the carriage, but the driver as well. Should your plan include a city wedding, you might want to first check with the town authorities for any permits you might need in order to have the horse carriage on the road, since it can slow down traffic a little.

Rent Motorcycles

Do you and your spouse love motorcycles? If you own motorcycles, you can simply have them ready and waiting outside of the chapel. If you don't own your own motorcycles, but you do have your motorcycle license, you could also see about renting motorcycles that can be used for your special day. Of course, wedding gowns may prove to be impractical to wear on the motorcycle, so a change of clothes may be required before jumping on the bikes to take off.

Hire Someone To Chauffeur You Around In Their Historic Car

If you have a themed wedding that is centered around a time long past, you might want to think about finding a vehicle that matches that era. This way, when you and your new spouse are ready to leave the wedding chapel, you will be able to continue your wedding theme as you ride away. If you do not personally know of anyone with a classic or historic car that matches the time frame that your theme is set in, you could always place an advertisement explaining that you are looking for someone with a particular car. You will most likely have to pay them for their assistance, but the photos and reactions from your wedding guests will be more than worth it.

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