Want to Start Riding an ATV? Here is Some Gear You Will Need

3 October 2018
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ATVs are vehicles that allow you to experience the fun of off-roading. ATVs can vary from four-wheel quads to sand buggies to two-wheel bikes like the Kawasaki Ninja. The common principle behind ATVs is the desire to ride off-road, which requires some special equipment in order to keep you, as the driver or the rider, safe.

#1 Helmet

The most important piece of safety equipment that you need when you start riding an ATV is a helmet. Just like a motorcycle or bicycle, you are exposed to the world on an ATV. There is no protective cage around you or airbags and headrests to keep you safe like with a car. In order to protect your head and neck, you need to have a helmet on. You should never get on an ATV, as either a driver or passenger, without a helmet on. This is the most essential safety equipment to purchase when you start riding an ATV.

#2 Goggles

Next, you are going to need some protective goggles. Protective goggles do not just protect your eyes like sunglasses do, they meet with the skin on your face to ensure that nothing will get into your eyes. As you could be riding on a muddy hill, up a sand dune, or through a meadow, there is a lot of debris that could get in your eyes when you are out off-roading, which is why you need to wear protective goggles to protect your eyes from rocks, dust, branches, and other objects you'll encounter while riding your ATV.

#3 Water

You should always bring some water with you when you are out riding. ATV riding is a physical sport that can really sap your energy. If you are riding during the summer months, the heat can really get to you as you are exposed to the elements. There are no air conditioners on your ATV. You don't want to ever become dehydrated and faint when you are out riding, so make sure that you bring some water with you when you set off on an ATV adventure.

#4 Protective Clothing

You don't need to wear special clothing if you are just getting into ATV riding, but you are going to want to make sure that your clothing is protective. You are going to want to wear pants and long-sleeve shirts. You should wear boots and gloves when you are riding. The protective gear that you should invest in first, after a helmet, is a chest pad. This will help protect you if you are hit by flying debris or fall off your bike. You can purchase specialty boots, pants, and shirts over time, but to start, just make sure that all of your skin is covered.

Remember, with ATV riding, you are exposed to the elements, so what you wear is really important. You need to have a helmet and goggles to keep your head and eyes safe. You should also ride with a protective chest plate, long-sleeve shirt and pants, and sturdy boots.