What You Need To Know About Fishing From Your Pontoon Boat

24 August 2019
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If you crave a spacious boat to spend your free time, a pontoon boat is an excellent selection for your needs. Pontoon boats, such as new Sea Fox boats, are a top choice with water enthusiasts thanks to their solid handling when on the water and the large amount of seating perfect for accommodating lots of friends and relatives.

One misconception regarding pontoon boats is that they're not suitable for fishing. In reality, a pontoon boat can serve as an excellent fishing vessel. Not only will you have lots of space for your fishing equipment, but your fishing companions will have plenty of room to spread out without having to worry that you'll cast over one another. Here's what you need to know about planning a fishing trip on your pontoon. 

Check That Your Equipment Works with a Pontoon Boat

For a successful trip, you should check that you have all the necessary equipment on your pontoon boat. One item that many fishing enthusiasts need to add to their pontoons is a live well. A live well makes it easy for you to transport and stow live bait during your fishing trip. You can also use it to keep your catches alive during your trip. 

You may also want to add some fishing rod holders to your pontoon boat. Before purchasing your holders, make sure that they will work with the railing on your pontoon boat. You'll either want to stick with a rod holder intended for use with pontoon boats or opt for a design that makes it possible for you to mount it to the railing. 

Plan a Trip That Capitalizes on Your Pontoon's Attributes

Though you can use a pontoon boat on nearly any fishing trip, many find that it works especially well for trips where you plan to troll for fish. Once you get your rods baited and in their holders, the steady speed of a pontoon makes it easy to troll for potential catches.

Pontoons also work well on trips when you know you'll need to anchor in one spot for an extended period. The large size and stability of the pontoon boat makes it easy for you to park the boat in a single area.

Bring a Kayak to Squeeze into Tight Quarters

You may find that you can't squeeze into tight fishing spots with your pontoon boat. An easy fix to this issue is to bring a kayak on your fishing trip; all you need to do is add a kayak holder to your pontoon boat. Then, you can use the kayak to place your bait in your desired location or cast in your preferred spot.